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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PST

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>> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm toby taylor i'm a student enrolled in the sustainable ability course at the egging could center i have been involved 3 semesters. i want to express any support for the bay recruit for stuartship in collaboration with city college. in addition i've been given authorization from one of our supporters to speak on her bailiff. i have the following statement program coordinator at the high school studies facility. the bay institute and city college have dedicated to serving the community and have
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reached out to make sure the stem academy is wretched. in staub green workforce skills those institutions are a natural fit. i'm especially excited about the problematic of bringing our students to the eco center and talk about environmental curriculum which is in addition to the eco center i know the students will appreciate. i hope you'll support this effort to take this support and my support in consideration. (calling names) >> good afternoon thank you for the opportunity to comment on
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this exciting proposal and obviously a difficult decision. i'm the is it notable mission manager i'm here to voice my support for the aquarium foundation and the city college of san francisco. as the sustainable ability manager i currently enjoy working with a have variety of local partners toward the facility from seafood to volunteer shoreline and coastal cleans up. i'm enlisted the opportunity to work with conditional as well as a number of new partners new to me to expand conservatism education at the eco center and i'm excited to learn be from the bay hunters community and a build that the community effort. this proposal reflects existing
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the working relationships with the port of san francisco and it represents the combined expertise of two fine programs along with san francisco waterfront thank you very much for your time and good luck with our decision. (calling names) >> good afternoon. my name is clem ma i'm the director at the city college and a full-time faculty member marry conditional has been involved in existence 2012 actually we've been involved in the park since the beginning and i remember i brought students there i made a key to the plans of the park and it was all innovative plants.
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i'm going every semester. the invasive planning plants are not there i forgot because i've nervous but i want to thank you so much for making this going into a park peculiar the students are not the people who can afford to go to yosemite. no one bangs the park and they see the heroin iron take off and it's a real experience for our students and the high school students but to come back to the invasive plants they did a tremendous job to maintain that eco center and the surrounding landscape and it's the expertise and i was there because i share half an office with peggy.
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i saw the learning curve would it takes to learn the imports and exports of monitoring the water and co-op this eco center open and my support is for the bay institute and conditional because he scott wagner have the resources to organize the educational program and the technical expertise and of the incredible landscaper around that. thank you very much >> (calling names). >> president ho and vice president brandon i'm a constitute at the conditional in the sustainability in the eco center. i want to express my support for the center.
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over the last year and a half i've applied the knowledge and shooirtship of the park and building. perhaps more importantly i've neblthd with the professionals in the field of sustainability and government agencies and environmental firms and elementary and high school teachers and college professors. this kind of development can't be taught in a traditionally classroom setting. i look forward to the possibility of sharing this up to this point with you tell future students and the community members should the institute be accepted. i'm here to read a statement from one of the properers. professor from the san francisco university regrets be able to
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attend. the collaboration between the bay institute accustom foundation and several departments is an exciting proposal it will create a strong bond at the eco center as environmental action by providing activity for volunteers to learn about native plants and animals to connect stakeholders with the e cotton of their own background. those two organizations will continue to make bay view hunters point a place for interaction. the state university supports 24 since is it was built. it's my pleasure to offer my support to those institutions. as you know su serves thousands of students and we provide
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opportunity. in the community every salesmen our multiple racial and body totally appreciates the varied experiences they've had at the park and eco center. etch semester i bring my standards there. i value the experiences they've had and knowledge gained from the expired education provided by the professors and students at the clinical college. i hope that you will take my support into consideration >> i'm elaine johnson i'm the director of bio link the advance
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center funded by national science foundation we provide technical support. we've been house defense attorneys at the continually of san francisco since 998 and have been developing skills based programs for our students where they could get wonderful jobs. many of our students have come from the bayview hirpts point area and have been working in a variety of life science careers one has a job at the man technical and has started a girl's club. beef about that very, very excited about the possibilities of adding certificates and stackable credential were with that in mind last year we were
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part of receiving a $2 million portion of a 15 million take grant it stand for community career training by the department of labor. with that funding we were creating an environmental monitoring certificate and have been working with the faculty who have been working hard at the park. it's my great pleasure to be here and share that with you and be very, very supportive of the proposal. thank you. >> (calling names). >> good morning, commissioners and staff. of the port. thank you very much for everything you do on behalf of we the citizens of san francisco.
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i'm thus exposed to talk with you today because inch i i'm a nonprofit consultant working is a lot of groups as well as a student at conditional. i wanted to talk about commitment and passion and follow through. and my experience with both the bay institute and conditional. as a student and a professional. and i worked with the bay institute in 2005 on this planning and they talked at this point about a vision of acquiring the aquarium of the bay and they've done that and the passion i see in both organizations for the citizens of san francisco for the environment building for making
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sure as many people as possible are educated and their passion is evoked for this green city has made a real expression on me. and so i hope you will choose the bay city college and the eco center. i know they'll go a phenomenal job and bring the commitment and passion to follow through with the endeavor. thank you >> (calling names) >> good afternoon and thank you for generally sharing time to people like myself and members of the community can speak l about this important topic.
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i graduated from conditional with two associate degrees and at that time, it's my understanding that he had founded the center and someone spoke to that. in fact, i remember 2002 the first time on a bird survey we saw a green her iron and address it at that time that was seen there. place spaced scientific education is a critical missing link not only in our community or the united states but cross the world. san francisco and in the bay area are at the forefront and we have another opportunity to continue the world precedence. i came on i was just speaking
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oh, the conditional and the bay institute i don't know about the institute of san francisco but i have to say it's those groups working together that are going to achieve the goal. city college experience with the ecological aspects it is going to be that foundation and remembering that conditional is not the ivory tower it's truly the gay and bridge as someone who is like myself a community college many years it is what it is. i've paved my way but the point is it's an institution hardly but the come that provides the opportunity. i have a lot more to say but it's scattered i'll just end.
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well, i guess just kind of how i started and that's acknowledging that place space education is going to be the way of the future to bridge the disharmony and especially we need to create the space and the time is now for the children >> we appreciate you announce yourselves. >> hi, i'm = i didn't long i'm a previous student in san francisco that's currently been taught there. i'm also a transfer student to uc berkley. i took the class of eco when peggy designed the class to do
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educational education i worked in native landscaping so i helped to revitalize the landscaping that's still there. a lot of my concerts or experience was there developing the landscaping. i went on to study the is there any additional public comment? in environmental education. i feel strongly that the education i got in peggy's class was the foundation i went to that to study at uc berkley. i'm here to support the bayview project >> (calling names). >> good afternoon port commissioners. my name is is wendy kwoung i'm a
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lifelong resident i went to city college of san francisco. i'm currently a interim at eco center and have been helping with the maintenance and the curriculum at the egging could center. i want to depress my support for the eco center in collaboration with the city college of san francisco. i'm here to read a statement from one of the port elders of the proposal who couldn't come. katherine the teacher and board president the statement is the arts and literacy or walk for short is an educational facility for public and that's in east san francisco. they've served the at risk
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students for 15 years now. as a few minutes high school we come because we've struggled in school in eastern credits and are in danger of dropping out of school. we integrated math and other projects. we have been working at the park learning valuable things about sustain appeals court first with literacy in the past two years were our collaboration with ucsf has been excited and kindling. they've compromised our students and have their lessons for our curriculum needs and provided resources for our program. i'm especially excited about
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correcting the law students and other students they can also recognize the viral science as a value for a career path. this is in addition, that i know my states will are appreciate. we have not only been to see hour students graduate from high school but from - within jobs sorry. and working with the viral foundation they've opened up many opportunity as well as lincoln our students to hire education. thank you katherine board president ass. i want to add as a former student i would have liked to be
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able to or take to have been able to work with the board so i appreciate in opportunity >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. i'm here today to represent the labors local union. the foundation and the local are behind the support between the bay institute and the continually of san francisco. the reason that the foundation has chosen me to represent them today, i'm currently a resident of the east side of san francisco and know to is importance. i've been a student out at the eco and understand the importance of hands on
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experience that's provided to all of san francisco public schools and the duties of city college at the eco center. i also co-chair the horticulture program and see our policeman getting hands on exercise and they took classes through city college. as we all know the eco center is important it's not just a building would lots of potential growth and nourished by people who are passionate about that. i support myself also the bay institute and the city college being out at the eco center
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>> (calling names). >> hill hello, i'm david with the horizontal institute. we've been long term resident with the conditional. we've been teaching our classes since the building was made available. during our time we've put in hundreds of hours and the horizontal design sits skrarl in the element center the liv machine the green revolver and the landscaping we teach to designer as a contractor involved we're going to continue our time there and expand those are oefdz and continue to expand our hours offering scholarships to people in the bayview.
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i'll keep it short. so thank you >> (calling names). >> dprooet and thank you for your care and care and caution of this issue. inch kevin i'm with the urban institute with san francisco. we've been happy to participate since the sift of the occupancy was dprapt and we've 2ri7bd or 2ri7bd over 5 hundred hours to the center. we're happy to continue that involvement with everyone that david said. we're happy to support the bayview program and the san francisco conditional >> jonathan wu (calling names). >> good afternoon and thank you. i'm peggy. thank you for that attempt. i'm an environmental science and instructor at the city college of san francisco.
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i'm also a second generation resident where i continue to reside with my husband and children. i've had the honor of working with the colleagues from city college and bay natives but nothing short of amazing. my snow students the monitoring and the programming at the eco center. as a representative of conditional it's one of the anticipated first hires i spornl support in for the sturdyship. should our proposal be accepted i look forward to working with the colleagues at both institutions but most important to make sure they have access and a pleas is and i'd like to take a moment to acknowledging
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our statements with the nelson mandela it's our violation for the stewardship we don't see two proposals but the eco center belongs to everyone. so i thank you. i see that the bay institute has the expertise and the administrative capacity and the heart to provide that access to provide the support of the programs and the stoufrdship of the program. we'll work together to showing showcase this and to create a sense of pride with the facility. i know we'll be successful because the eco center represents the best example of the resources in the built environment and the only facility in san francisco where students have hands on access.
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that's with our delivery of environmental programs to all ages and programs with the authenticities open the bayview point and other san francisco schools. i look forward to working with my colleagues and other lavish 261 and other agencies that are in support. to continue to provide the work experience opportunity particularly related to native landscaping and habitat restoration and europe horizontal and other green careers. i thank you for your time and that's it. i'll stop >> (laughter). >>
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(calling names). >> keep in mind members of the pun and the port commission and vice president brandon good morning. i'm a receipt of the sunset district and i'm endorsed in the applied research and sustainability class in the spring. in the two years i've about that enrolled here i've been responsible for the water treatment and assisting the habitat restoration efforts and giving tours for the visitor and more - i'm very proud i've 2r0ib9d the eco center and i want to share this expense with as many as possible. the resources of our skeleton crew and frenzy/stroiftd to make that a wonderful center. we're a diverse groping group
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that help with the passing one of information. we're ready to move forward and form long-term phipps and the capacity and historical reliability makes it proposal the best option formals partnership. the bayview advisors committee the eco center will become another place the community can take pride in enjoying area i believe this future is in all our best interests >> (calling names). >> i'm sonya education and volunteer manager. i've worked there about seven
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years and i love my job. a lot of it has to do with the passion thaft been spoken before. we've brought on many projects all baselines our mission. we've duplicate that with our amazing teams we have the grant writing team for example. you know, to our best practices we do a lot of i think kerry mentioned the hands on learning but i want to get out into the community. i know we have a long history of offering free programming but that can be difficult for many areas. beef done a few things in the southeast sector but it would be great to offer some of our best
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practices and be able to support the work they're already doing. thank you >> (calling names). >> i'm dr. bib it i'm in the biography department. i'm here to bring you my support. i was here to support and i decided to speak at the last minute but i wanted to say i've taken students out to the field and there's nothing like getting in the field into the march and experiencing what that has to offer in terms of the process of science but the stooirdship of the land. having this as a working field site will not only interior and engage and


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